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What can you expect from a visit?

  • A focused medical history

  • A detailed assessment of the presenting concerns

  • An anatomical and functional assessment of baby, if indicated

  • Hands on assistance with breast and/or bottle feeding and/or pumping

  • A weighted feeding, as indicated

  • Feeding aids at no additional cost*, as indicated

  • A thorough written plan of care tailored to your needs, desires, and goals

  • Information, education and continued support

  • Referrals and advocacy, as needed

  • One month of follow up support via email ​or the patient portal

Consultations are available in my conveniently located home-like office space (pictured above), or in the comfort of your own home. They are confidential, comprehensive appointments that include:​

*except all bottle are $5, and the Ninni Co pacifier is $12

Services & Areas of Expertise

Ultrasound Prenatal Education - Nourish Lactation NH

Prenatal Education

  • Prenatal preparation guidance

  • General breastfeeding education

  • Combination feeding education

  • Planning for exclusive pumping

  • Review of previous feeding experiences

  • Planning for a new feeding experience

  • Troubleshooting specific concerns, such as breastfeeding after reduction, family history of ties, or questioning IGT

  • Induced lactation 

Breastfeeding - Nourish Lactation NH


  • Latching difficulties

  • Breast and nipple pain

  • Infant weight concerns

  • Food intolerances or allergies

  • NICU graduates / special needs babies

  • Anatomical concerns, such as ties

  • Clogged ducts, blebs, mastitis

  • Breast preference or refusal 

  • Scheduling & feeding plans

  • Weaning

Bottle Feeding - Nourish Lactation NH

Bottle Feeding

  • Latching and feeding difficulties

  • Infant weight concerns 

  • Infant comfort concerns 

  • Bottle system selection and use

  • Baby led feeding technique

  • Bottle refusal 

  • Return to work preparation

  • Feeding aversions 

  • Formula selection and preparation

  • Breastmilk storage and preparation

Tongue Tie - Nourish Lactation NH

Tongue & Lip Ties

  • Anatomical and functional assessment 

  • Release decision making assistance 

  • Patient specific provider referrals

  • Pre-release feeding support 

  • Anticipatory guidance 

  • Preparation for release

  • Care team collaboration

  • Post release care & follow up

Pumping - Nourish Lactation NH


  • Pump selection 

  • Pump use & settings review 

  • Professional flange fitting

  • Pump efficacy concerns 

  • Milk supply / output concerns

  • Exclusive pumping guidance

  • Return to work preparation

  • Weaning 

SNS Milk Supply - Nourish Lactation NH

Milk Supply Concerns

  • Low milk supply 

  • Oversupply 

  • Breastfeeding after reduction (BFAR)

  • Breast hypoplasia / IGT 

  • Endocrine mediated supply concerns

  • Supply concerns related to illness/injury

  • Targeted supplementation guidance

  • Relactation 

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