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Expert Infant Feeding Assistance by a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and Certified Infant Feeding Specialist

Sara Alanis RN, IBCLC, IFS - Nourish Lactation NH

Business Owner & Primary Practitioner
Sara Alanis, RN, BS, BSN, IBCLC, IFS

Philosophy of Care

Babies are born with an instinctual motivation to feed well. For parents, infant feeding is a learned skill. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control can impact feeding for the baby, for the parent, or for both.

It can be hard. 

...But it doesn't have to be. 

Seeking help if you or your baby are having difficulties with feeding is so important. Establishing a relationship with a knowledgeable professional can be a critical step in your journey to reach your feeding goals- whatever they may be.

If you are struggling with breastfeeding, with pumping, or with bottle feeding- breastmilk or formula: 


I can help you. 

Feeding Support 
with Nourish

I believe that every family has the right to make their own informed decisions about the way that they feed, raise, and nurture their children, and that every family should have access to high quality support to achieve those goals." - Sara

General Infant Care

Family Centered Care

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breastfeeding nourish nh

What Supported
Parents Say


"I finally feel listened to, validated & reassured. The thorough evaluation, explanations, recommendations and planned guidance are exactly what I have been looking for"
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